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Youth Advisory Commission


YAC Vision

Anchorage is a beautiful and diverse community where youth are encouraged to do their best and stay involved.

YAC Mission

We accomplish this by increasing cross-generational opportunities and cooperation in order to form bonds and mutual respect.

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Are you a resident of Anchorage 14-22 years old?

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Apply to be the Assembly Youth Representative

Are you a resident of Anchorage 16-19 years old?

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Mayor's AmeriCorps Program (MAP)

In 2017, the Mayor’s AmeriCorps Program (MAP) was developed as a twelve-week summer program for young adults ages 18-26. MAP participants connected primarily underserved or otherwise disadvantaged communities with Municipality of Anchorage sources and services.

Here are the results of 2017 MAP program. Click for final report.

    • Youth Advisory Commission
    • Special Assistant to Mayor Ethan Berkowitz : George Martinez
    • 632 West 6th Avenue
    • 907-343-7108
Youth Advisory Commission Officers
Chair - Rainier Herczeg, UAA
Vice Chair - Aleija Stover, UAA
Secretary –Alyssa Tsukada, Chugiak      
Treasurer – Andrew Wiggin, West HS 

Youth Advisory Commission Members
Javier Acuna, UAA
Emma Ashlock, East HS
Reth Duir, UAA
Kadin Feldis, West HS
Hanna Fitzgerald, Chugiak HS
Tuan Graziano, UAA
Abigail Hall, Bartlett HS
David Holmes, South HS
Brynn Morse, East HS
Brian Moten, Service HS  
Yinelkis Rosario, Bartlett
Buay Ruot, West HS
Tammalivis Salanoa, UAA
Forrest Simpson, UAA
Eriana Smith-Vanilau, East HS
Claire Wilkerson, Romig


Under the leadership of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz the Youth Advisory Commission was reinstated after the passage of Assembly Ordinance No. 2015 - 119 which amended Municipal Code Section 4.60.275 to affirmatively continue and reenact the commission.