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Military & Veterans Affairs Commission

The Military & Veterans Affairs Commission is established under Chapter 4.60.220 of the Municipal Code. 

A.  There is established a municipal military and veterans affairs commission consisting of not more than 11 members. Members shall be honorably discharged United States military veterans, reserve or National Guard members not covered by 10 U.S.C. § 973(b)(1), with a demonstrated interest in veterans affairs.

 All members shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the assembly. Members initially appointed shall serve one-year terms.

The mayor shall invite four active duty military liaisons to the Commission. The participation of these liaisons does not constitute the holding of civil office, nor shall they exercise any sovereign power of the Municipality. An active duty military liaison is not entitled to vote on any question to be determined by the board or commission nor is a liaison a member for the purpose of establishing a quorum of the commission.  The mayor shall consult with and ask the Alaska Command Commander to appoint three active duty military liaisons, and the Adjutant General of the Alaska National Guard to appoint one active duty National Guard liaison to the commission.

B.  The commission shall:

1.   Establish liaison between the municipal government and the active duty military and veterans' communities.

2.   Inform the mayor and the assembly of matters concerning the municipality's active duty military, veterans and their families.

3.   Undertake efforts to open and maintain channels of communication with the active duty military and veterans communities of the municipality and to periodically hold hearings on matters of importance to those communities, the municipal government, and Anchorage as a whole.

4.   Report at least annually to the mayor and the assembly on active duty military and veterans' issues.

5.   In conjunction with the active duty military and veteran communities conduct various public relations activities to inform the citizens of the municipality of military and veterans' contributions to the community and to address problems involving active duty military and veterans in the Anchorage community.

6.   Make recommendations to the mayor and the assembly for the adoption, change or repeal of municipal laws, rules, regulations, restrictions or other matters affecting the active duty military and veterans' communities.

7.   Inform the mayor, assembly and any other appropriate department of the municipality, of issues relative to the care, maintenance and use of any veterans' memorials or veterans' parks owned by the municipality.

8.   Inform the mayor and assembly of military and veterans' activities that may occur on holidays and other ceremonial occasions and suggest participation in them when necessary.

9.   Provide advice and supervision for, and participate in, fundraising activities for the construction of veterans' memorials and veterans' parks owned by the municipality.

10. Provide advice and supervision for, and participate in, municipally sponsored military or veterans' conferences.

11. Coordinate with other boards and commissions dealing with active duty military and veterans' issues, when necessary.

12. Perform other duties as may be requested by the mayor or assembly.

13. Not take the place of any member of the military, military organization, veteran or veteran organization by action or representation to the assembly.

(AO No. 88-32(S-1); AO No. 88-185; AO No. 89-1; AO No. 89-155; AO No. 93-3, expires 1-17-96; AO No. 95-224, § 1, expires 1-17-99; AO No. 99-6, § 1, expires 1-17-02; AO No. 2001-189, § 1, expires 1-17-05; AO No. 2004-97, § 1, 6-22-04)

State law references:  Veterans affairs, AS 26.10.010 et seq. 


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