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Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions

Note: dates/locations subject to change due to holidays, elections, or other events.
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Board of Adjustment    

Lisa Schleusner

Barbara Jones


The Board of Adjustment decides appeals from decisions of lower administrative bodies that approve or disaprove plats, land use variances, and conditional land uses.

Meets when appeals are filed.

Municipal Airports Aviation Advisory Commission

Paul Bowers 

Linda Luebke



A program advisory commission that advises on rules, regulations and administrative guidelines for municipal airports.

Meets the 1st Thursday of odd numbered months, 12 p.m. at the Fire Training Center, 1140 Airport Heights, Bldg A Room 3

Americans With Disabilities Act Advisory Commission

Jillanne Inglis


A program advisory commission that reviews the ADA to maintain a clear and comprehensive understanding of federal legislation and make recommendations to the Mayor and Municipal Assembly in matters pertaining to the adoption, change or repeal of municipal laws, rules, regulations, restrictions affecting individuals with disabilities.

Meets the 2nd Tuesday of month, 10:30 a.m., Department of Health and Human Services, 825 L Street.

Anchorage Community Development Authority Board of Directors

Melinda Gant


The ACDA Board governs the work of this public corporate authority, which was created by the Municipality in 2005.  The Authority has two departments, the Parking Services Department, "EasyPark," and the Development Department.  EasyPark is tasked with providing sufficient, high quality, customer-focused public parking.  The Development Department is tasked with creating and developing opportunities that forward municipal goals and objectives, using innovation, partnerships, sound planning, and incentives.

Meets the 1st Thursday of the month, 4 p.m. 245 West 5th Avenue, Suite 122 

Animal Control Advisory Board

Michael Tierney 


A program advisory commission established to advise the municipality on issues involving control and treatment of animals; makes recommendations on changes to Title 17; conducts public hearings on animal matters.

Meets the 4th Thursday of the month, 5:30 p.m. at Animal Care & Control, 4711 Elmore Rd. 

Arts Advisory Commission

Kristin De Smith   


A program advisory commission that solicits/reviews applications and makes funding recommendations for nonprofit arts organizations.

Meets the 1st Monday of  the month, 6 p.m. Conf. Rm #830 City Hall 

Bidding Review Board

Denise Buck


A technical advisory board that reviews protested bid awards and makes recommendations to the Municipal Assembly.

Meets as needed in City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave., Purchasing Department, Suite 525

Budget Advisory Commission

Leilah Lawyer


A technical advisory commission that conducts an organized citizens' review of the proposed municipal operating budget and other fiscal issues.

Meets the 1st Thursday of  the month at 12:00 p.m. in City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave., Mayor's Conference Room, 8th floor

Board of Building Regulation Examiners and Appeals

Tana Klunder


A regulatory/adjudicatory board that serves as a quasi-judicial board for appeals of decisions of the Building Official; reviews building codes.

Meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 6:30 p.m. as needed in the Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Library.

Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery Advisory Board 

Rob Jones


A program advisory board that reviews the operation and budget of the cemetery and advises on the adoption, change, repeal or alteration of rules/regulations on cemetery services.

Meets quarterly on the 2nd Tuesday, 5:00 pm.  Cemetery office, 535 E. 9th Ave.

Anchorage Election Commission 

Amy Solberg

Barbara Jones


A technical advisory commission for municipal election procedures that also serves as the Canvass Board for municipal elections.

Meets as needed.

Emergency Medical Service Board 

Erich Scheunemann


A regulatory/adjudicatory board that certifies and recertifies qualified intensive care paramedics; establishes standing medical orders for paramedics and emergency medical technicians; serves as liaison with the emergency medical community.

Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:30 a.m.,  AFD Training Center, 1140 Airport Heights, Building A, Rooms 1 and 2.

Equal Rights Commission

Pamela Basler


A regulatory/adjudicatory commission that works to prevent and eliminate discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, marital status, age, disability, housing, education and financing. Holds hearings and issues orders on charges of discrimination.

Meets on the 3rd Thursday of odd numbred months at 6 p.m. City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave., Mayor's Conf. Room 8th floor.

Board of Equalization

Janet Simpson

Kelly Lewis

John Dyson




An adjudicatory board that hears arguments on appealed property assessments to determine fair and equitable resolution of appeals.

Members are appointed by the Assembly.

Meets as needed.  Property Appraisal Conf. Room #310 City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave.

Board of Ethics

Lisa Schleusner

Barbara Jones


The Board of Ethics sets clear and reasonable standards for Municipal public servants, promoting an understanding of the Municipal Code of Ethics, by providing advisory opinions, investigating ethics complaints for potential violation, resolving potential conflicts, reviewing disclosure forms, and developing ethics training.

Meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 11:30-1:30 p.m. in Room #240 at City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave.

Geotechnical Advisory Commission  

Thede Tobish

Susan Perry



A technical advisory commission that conducts studies and makes recommendations to the Mayor, Assembly, and Planning and Zoning Commission on geotechnical matters.

Meets 4th Tuesday each month, 12 p.m.  4700 Elmore Road, Room #170.

Health & Human Services  Commission

Natasha Pineda

Judy Atkins



A program advisory commission that develops a comprehensive health services plan; advises on budget and programs of the Health Department and legislative matters affecting health programs.

Meets quarterly on the 2nd Wednesday, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. in the Jewel Jones Conference Room  (423)at 825 L Street.

Heritage Land Bank Commission

Robin E. Ward

Tawny Klebesadel



A program advisory commission that advises on acquisition, management and disposal of municipal lands in the Heritage Land Bank and allocation of land bank revenues.

Meets 2nd Thursday of month, 11:30a.m.  4700 Elmore road, Conference Room #170

Historic Preservation Commission

Kristine Bunnell


A program advisory board that designates buildings and structures of historical or architectural significance; develops and maintains inventory of historic structures and sites.

Meets 4th Thursday of month, 5:30p.m. City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave. , Room varies 

Homeless, Housing and Neighborhood Development Commission (HHAND)

Steve Ashman


A program advisory commission that identifies long-term and short-term housing and homeless issues; reviews and recommends on proposed allocation of federal, state and municipal revenues for housing programs; includes Homelessness Task Force.

The HAND Commission Oversight Subcommittee on Homelessness (HCOSH) merged with the HAND Commission on 04-25-2017 as the HHAND Commission.

Meets 1st Wednesday of month, 4:00-5:30 p.m., Department of Health & Human Services, 825 L Street, Room 423.

Human Resources Advisory Board

David Samsa


A regulatory/adjudicatory board that reviews and recommends revisions to municipal personnel rules.

Meets 3rd Thursday of month, 12 p.m. 6th Floor Conf. Room 610, City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave.

Investment Advisory Commission

Dan Moore


A technical advisory commission that recommends and gives advice on matters concerning investment of municipal funds.

Meets quarterly, Treasury Conf. Room #330, City Hall.  632 W 6th Ave.

Library Advisory Board

Mary Jo Torgeson

Tanya Williams



A program advisory board that recommends policies and procedures for all library operations, including programs, number and location of facilities, hours of service; reviews library operating and capital budgets.

Meets 3rd Wednesday of month, 5:30 p.m. 4th floor Alden Todd Board Room, Loussac Library

Municipal Light & Power Utility Commission

Linda Davidovics


A utility commission that reviews electric service rates, regulations, policies and practices and recommends expansion and improvements to ensure reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost.

Meets 4th Wednesday of month, 12 noon.  Main Conference Room, 1200 E. 1st Ave.

Military & Veterans Affairs Commission 


Mayors Office


A program advisory commission that provides liaison between the municipal government, active duty military and the veterans community.

Meets 1st Monday quarterly , 12 p.m.  Mayor's Conf. Room, 8th floor, City Hall 632 W. 6th Ave. 

On-site Wastewater Systems Technical Review Board

Tana Klunder

Ross Noffsinger



A quasi-judicial board that reviews, makes recommendations and enforces on-site wastewater system standards; oversees the municipal NPDES storm water program; provides information to homeowners; hears appeals of decisions by the Director of Development Services.

Meets 2nd Wednesday of month, 11:30 a.m. 4700 Elmore Rd., Development Services, Permit Counter Conf. Room.


Parks and Recreation Commission

John Rodda

Diana Cramer



A program advisory commission that reviews and advises on parks planning and acquisition, policies and programs; recommends names for park sites and recreation facilities.

Meets 2nd Thursday of month, 6:00 p.m.  Spenard Recreation Center, 2020 W. 48th Ave.

Planning and Zoning Commission

Corliss Kimmel


A regulatory/adjudicatory commission that develops, reviews, and make recommendations to the Assembly regarding the Comprehensive Development Plan and proposed amendments to Title 21.

Meets 1st/2nd Monday of month, 6:30 p.m.  Assembly Chambers, Loussac Library.

Platting Board

Corliss Kimmel


A regulatory/adjudicatory board that implements the comprehensive plan and other plans by enforcing subdivision regulations; conducts public hearings on plat applications and vacations of dedicated public areas.

Meets 1st (& 3rd as needed) Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m.  Assembly Chambers, Loussac Library.

Port Commission

Steve Ribuffo


A regulatory/adjudicatory commission that advises on rules and regulations relating to the operation of the terminal/transportation facilities at the port.

Meets every other month, 3rd Wednesday, 12p.m.. Port Office, 2000 Anchorage Port Road.

Public Safety Advisory Commission

Nick Danger


A program advisory commission that identifies broad public safety issues of concern to the citizens of the Municipality of Anchorage.

2nd Wednesday of month, 4:30p.m.  City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave, 8th floor Mayor's Conference Room #830

Salaries & Emoluments Commission 

Amy Solberg

Barbara Jones


A regulatory/adjudicatory commission that establishes compensation for the Mayor, Assembly members, and School Board members.

Meets at least once every two years.

Senior Citizens Advisory Commission


Judy Atkins


A program advisory commission that advocates for the elderly and advises the municipality on problems and solutions to enhance the quality of life for older citizens.

Meets 4th Wednesday of month, 10am-noon.  Anchorage Senior Activity Center, 1300 E 19th Ave.

Sister Cities Commission

Amy Coffman


A program advisory commission that promotes friendly relations and exchanges of information to encourage international understanding and opportunities for economic development between Anchorage and its sister cities.

Meets last Wednesday each month, 5:30 p.m.  Mayor's Conference Room, 8th Floor City Hall, 632 W. 6th ave.

Solid Waste & Recycling Advisory Commission


Suzanna Caldwell


The purpose of the Solid Waste & Recycling Advisory Commission is to provide an overview of the strategies, operating plans, and budgets of Solid Waste Services' Refuse Collection and Disposal Utilities to the Mayor, Assembly, and the general public.  The commission also provides input on ordinances and policies regarding solid waste and recycling issues.


Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. at the Solid Waste Services Administration Building, 1111 E. 56th Ave., upstairs conference room.



Public Transit Advisory Board 

Bart Rudolph


A program advisory board that reviews and makes recommendations on routes, fares, schedules and level of service for the People Mover bus system.

Meets 2nd Thursday each month, 5:30 p.m.  #155 City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave.

Transportation Commission

Eric Musser


A regulatory/adjudicatory commission that regulates taxis, limousines, chauffeurs and dispatch companies in accordance with Title 11; reviews and recommends changes in the ordinance.

Meets 4th Monday each month, 6:00 p.m.  Assembly Chambers, Loussac Library.

Urban Design Commission

Corliss Kimmel


A program advisory commission that reviews street and roadway landscape improvement projects; advises on urban design matters.

Meets 2nd Wednesday (& 4th as needed) each month, 6:30 p.m.   Assembly Chambers, Loussac Library

Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU)

Brett Jokela 

Alyssa Gibson



The board of directors that oversees management of the Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility Authority.

Meets 1st Monday each month, 12-3pm.  Basement Con. Rm, 3000 Arctic Blvd.

Watershed & Natural Resources Advisory Commission 

Thede Tobish

Susan Perry



The Commission provides technical advice and guidance to help facilliate coordinated and collaborative local, state, federal,and private sector watershed and natural resources stewardship.

Meets 4th Wednesday at noon in City Hall, 632 W. 6th Ave., Room varies

Women's Commission

Clara Park


A program advisory commission that advises the Mayor and Assembly on matters pertaining to the status of women.

Meets 2nd Thursday each month, 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., 825 L St., Health & Human Services, Conference Room 423.

Zoning Board of Examiners and Appeals

Corliss Kimmel


A regulatory/adjudicatory board that hears requests for variances from zoning regulations and appeals from decisions of Building Official.

Meets 2nd/4th Thursday each month, 6:30 p.m.  Assembly Chambers, Loussac Library.

49th State Angel Fund Advisory Committee Joe Morrison 343-4898 The 49th State Angel Fund Advisory Committee advises the administration on the management of the 49th State Angel Fund, a venture capital function of the Municipality which invests in locally-focused investment funds which then deploy capital into Anchorage companies.  Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Meets most months on the third Thursday at 3pm in the Mayor's Conference Room (Suite 830) in City Hall (please confirm by contacting 49SAF Director Joe Morrison at 343-4898).