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 More savings initiatives 

Posted On: 11/1/2010 


In our quest to make government more efficient, we recently provided a report on travel costs to the Assembly looking at travel between 2008 and 2009, when this administration took office.  The results are significant and represent our ongoing commitment to spending your tax dollars more wisely.

In 2008, the last full year of the previous administration, travel costs totaled $1,083,270.  The 2009 total is $413,022, a savings of $670,248.  We anticipate that the 2010 total will be even lower than 2009.  Of the 2009 total, only $86,000 in travel costs came from general government; the rest came from utilities.  Departments are to be commended for their frugal management.

Electronic timekeeping –a standard in many industries– has eluded the city for too many years.  By moving to an electronic timecard system, the city will save anywhere from $1-3 million annually.  Kudos to CFO Lucinda Mahoney and her staff for advancing this proposal that will save your hard-earned dollars.  More to come.


Anchorage Fire Department employee Andrew Mullen lost his battle with cancer a few weeks ago.  He was a fourteen-year member of the department, and leaves behind a wife and three children.  Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues.


The first Assembly work session on the proposed 2011 budget was held on Friday, Oct. 23.  This Tuesday, the first of three public hearings on the budget was held at the Assembly Chambers in the Loussac Library.  We look forward to hearing from you on your budget priorities.  Those testifying get three minutes to make their case, but you can also send us emails at, or call us at 343-7100.  The next public hearing is on Nov. 9, 2010.


On Oct. 20th, Southcentral Alaska again participated in Energy Watch, our conservation practice drill, designed to test how much energy could be saved through voluntary reduction in use. The results were similar to last year, with a 2-4 percent overall reduction in gas and energy.  Thanks to the regional utilities and all who joined in the effort.  If the deliverability of natural gas comes into question on a very cold winter day, the help of the public could make the difference in keeping the system running.

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