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Wildfire Mitigation

Burn Permit Information

*Burn Barrels are NOT authorized in the Municipality of Anchorage

Residential Burn Permits 

The only burning permitted in the Municipality of Anchorage is for Spruce Bark Beetle kill debris*.  Permits for Spruce Beetle debris are available for all residents within the Municipality. Burning grass and/or leaves is NOT permitted. It is NOT permitted to burn trash and/or construction debris.  Burn barrels are NOT permitted in the Municipality of Anchorage. Burning Spruce Beetle kill is permitted on designated days. To determine whether burning is permitted on any given day, you must confirm that it is an approved burn day by visiting the daily burn approval page or by calling 267-5020.  Daily burn approval is contingent upon the air quality index, ventilation factor, wind and fire weather conditions. Residential permits for Spruce Beetle kill are available online through our website or by visiting your nearest fire station between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:30 pm.

For information regarding recreational burns, please see the AFD safe burn guidelines. For ceremonial fires and bonfires, please call the AFD Fire Prevention Division at 267-4900. Permit and Inspection fees apply. Please call two weeks in advance of your scheduled event. Residents must strictly adhere to the AFD safe burn guidelines. Burning may only be conducted in designated areas approved by the Anchorage Fire Department. Please remember that failure to follow these guidelines and restrictions may result in possible fines and/or legal action. You are responsible for your fire and you are liable if it gets out of control!

*Click here for information on recreational, cooking, and campfires.

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Wood Lots

If you have brush or tree material including Spruce Bark Beetle killed wood, you can take it to the closest wood lot for disposal. Click on link to find out more about the wood lots.

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