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Anchorage Wildfire Program

The risk of wildfire in the Municipality of Anchorage is real. With the high potential for human-caused ignitions and the proximity of homes to the forested areas of our community, we may realize a wildfire event across many of our neighborhoods. Reduce the number of conifer trees within 100 feet of your house. Remove all flammable materials away from your house. Check out the Home Firewise Guide for details.  Read More

Fire Explorers

Join in on the excitement and adventure. Explorers are involved young people, ages 14 to 21, who participate in Fire Department training and activities. They learn fire fighting skills and assist in community projects. For more information, email the Explorer Advisor,

Fire Stoppers Program

This program has two main goals. The first is to educate children who display dangerous fire play behaviors. The second is to provide referral information to caregivers for those children who need more help than education can provide. Alaska has the highest number of fire incidents and fire fatalities, per capita, in the nation. The Anchorage Fire Department has taken the lead in implementing a program to stop dangerous behavior and to remove Alaska from the top of the list.

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