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 Wildfire Mitigation to Reduce Wildfire Exposure near South Anchorage School 


9/16/2013 | Contact: John See 267-4902
Fire Department

The Anchorage Fire Department has partnered with the Anchorage School District and the MOA Parks & Recreation Department to mitigate the risk and hazard of wildfire. The project, which began Wednesday, September 11th, will treat the forested greenbelt-park area near the Rabbit Creek Elementary School, near DeArmoun Road and the New-Seward Highway. Students from the King Career Center (KCC), Natural Resource Program, will use the project to develop forestry and tree worker skills. ”This is a hands-on project that will give the students job skills that will help them prepare for careers in forestry, firefighting and the tree service industry”, Mike Woods, KCC instructor said.   

The Rabbit Creek Park Firewise project will serve to reduce the volume of surrounding forest vegetation (fuels) that present a hazard to both nearby homeowners as well as the students who walk through the park along a footpath, daily, to the school. This will reduce the homeowner’s and the school’s exposure to wildfire and also reduce the potential for fires to start in the treated areas. KCC crews will remove spruce bark beetle killed trees and thin dense growing conifers to improve forest health. A chipper will be utilized to dispose of the debris and redistribute the residue on the forest floor for recycling. The project will be coordinated to avoid disrupting the elementary school students on their way to or from school.


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