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 AFD Rescue Boat Christening 


9/7/2012 | Contact: Al Tamagni 267-4993
Fire Department

The Anchorage Fire Department invites you to join us for the christening of our new light rescue boat on Tuesday September 11, 2012 at 3:00pm, with Representative Max Gruenberg.  Representative Gruenberg was instrumental in acquiring the legislative grant from the State of Alaska.  The christening will be held at the Small Boat Launch which is located at 850 Small Boat Launch Rd.

The new light rescue boat is a 27’ SAFE boat with a walk around cabin and powered by two 300 hp Mercury outboard motors.  The boat was manufactured by SAFE Boats International, located in Bremerton, Washington.  The total cost for the boat, equipment and training was $260,000.  The SAFE boat will be used to conduct rescue operations in the Cook Inlet area, near and around the Municipality Of Anchorage by the Anchorage Fire Department’s Water Rescue Team.


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