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 Aerial Lanters Create Fire Hazard 


4/27/2012 | Contact: Al Tamagni 267-4993
Fire Department

Aerial lanterns or “wish lanterns” are gaining popularity in the United States.  They are a small piece of fuel that, when ignited, fills a paper lantern with heated air and drift up into the sky.  These lanterns which may look nice when they are released are not only a fire hazard but they are illegal in the Municipality Of Anchorage. 

Their flight path is unpredictable, and they have been responsible for structure and wild fires in many areas of the world. Recently, a paper lantern caused a minor fire in Anchorage.

The Anchorage Fire Department wants to remind everyone that these devices are Illegal, and APD will enforce the illegal burn requirements when they are encountered and particularly when they cause an unintended fire to land or property.


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