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100 E. 4th. Avenue, Anchorage AK 99501
Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
(907) 267-4900 
Fax: 267-4977

Fire Chief, Executive Assistant, Benedicte Galligan
Deputy Chief, Operations, Jodie Hettrick  
Deputy Chief, Administration, vacant
Administrative Assistant, Corey Todoroff

Finance/ Accounts Payable

Headquarters Building
100 E. 4th Avenue

Budget Officer,  Aliesha Richards

Contract Administrator, Molly Cullom  267-5070

Purchasing/ Accounts Payable
Jean Boyda  267-4937

EMS Reports/Billings, Wendy Kukowski 267-4944

Jennifer Chaleunvon / Fire Incident Reports 267-5076

Station 12 Administration

1301 E. 80th Avenue

Erin Zackery 267-4976

Personnel/ Payroll

Headquarters Building
100 E. 4th. Avenue
Fax: 267-4936

Payroll Specialist, Robin Campbell 267-4937

Payroll Specialist, Karen Marquis 267-4963

Public Affairs

Public Event Request Line, 267-4966

Wildfire Mitigation

Station 12

Burn Hotline, 267-5020

Forester, John See 

Fire/ EMS Operations

Headquarters Building
100 E. 4th. Avenue, 267-5091 
Fax: 267-4977

Deputy Chief, Fire Operations, Jodie Hettrick

Fire Operations Assistant Chief, 

EMS Operations, Assistant Chief,
Erich Scheunemann

Video Center

Loussac Library,
3600 Denali Street, 4th floor

Video Producer and Director, John Crabb 343-2967


Station 12
1301 East 80th Ave

Communications Officer/PIO: 267-4993

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 522-1122

Training and Safety Division

AFD Training Center
1140 Airport Heights
Fax: 279-2106

Training Assistant Chief, Alex Boyd    267-4943

Training Office Associate, Ginger Susman 267-5002

Fire Training Specialist, Pat Vincent 267-5069

Dr. Michael Levy, AFD Medical Director 762-2452

Fire Prevention

4700 Elmore Rd.
Fax: 267-4958

Fire Marshal, Cleo Hill

Community Right to Know Program Adminstrator, Deneen Nichols: 267-4901

Structural Review 267-4935 or 267-4964

Fire Protection Systems 267-4931

Fire Stoppers 346-2888

4700 Elmore Road

Investigator, Brian Balega 267-4906

Plans and Development

Station 12 Administration
1301 East 80th Ave

Fire Information Systems Manager, Heather Wilson 267-5089 

Vehicle Maintenance Shop

1000 Airport Heights

Lead Mechanic, Jeff Bottila

Miscellaneous Numbers

Police/Fire Chaplain 272-3100

Police and Fire Retirement 343-8400

Fire Fighters' Local 1264 349-1264