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The Anchorage Assembly is the Municipality of Anchorage's legislative body. The eleven-member body is responsible for setting Municipal policy through enactment of laws (ordinances) and adoption of resolutions. Each Assembly Member is elected by section and serves a three-year term.

The Assembly derives its powers from the 1975 Anchorage Home Rule Charter and the laws and Constitution of the State of Alaska. The Assembly enacts all laws; approves Municipal and School Board budgets; appropriates all money; awards contracts over $100,000 through the competitive bid process; confirms all appointments to Municipal boards and commissions, and other executive level staff as provided in the Anchorage Municipal Code; and certifies Municipal elections.

Member Profiles

Assembly Member History

District 1 - Downtown Anchorage

Patrick Flynn


Phone: (907) 278-8462
FAX: (907) 343-4313

  • Co-Chair - Legislative Committee

  • AMATS Committee

  • Liaison to the Board of Ethics for Ethics Code Rewrite

Patrick Flynn, a lifelong Alaskan, grew up in the district he represents and resides there with his wife, Tina, and their sons Kian and Kylan.  A graduate of West Anchorage High School, Patrick also earned a Masters degree in Business Administration from Alaska Pacific University.  Patrick’s professional life has afforded him the opportunity to work in many different parts of the State in fields as diverse as environmental consulting, logistics, marketing, and public affairs. P atrick is a former President of the South Addition Community Council and an active United Way of Anchorage volunteer, having chaired the Campaign, Tocqueville, and Day of Caring Agency Committees.

Term expires in 2017.

District 2 - Eagle River/Chugiak

Bill Starr

Phone: (907) 350-5481
Home: (907) 694-5060
FAX: (907) 343-4313

  • Chair - Municipal Audit Committee

  • Enterprise & Utiltiy Oversight Committee

  • Alternate Liaison - Chugiak/EagleRiver Chamber of Commerce

Bill Starr is a local area business owner and resides with his family in the Eagle River Valley.  He has served his community for over 20 years as President of the Eagle River Valley Community, Commissioner on the Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission, and three terms as an Assembly Member.  Previous Manager of Alpenglow Ski Area and youth sports coach rounds out his volunteer commitment to his community. B ill and his wife, Jacque, have raised three children in Alaska all of whom have graduated from ASD and UAA and are pursuing careers locally.  When not attending to Assembly challenges, you'll find Bill flying as a commercial pilot adventuring throughout the State enjoying its bounties and splendor.

Term expires in 2017.

Amy Demboski

Phone: (907) 688-2671
Phone: (907) 301-9179
Voicemail: (907) 343-4113
FAX: (907) 343-4313
  • Community & Economic Development Committee

  • Municipal Audit Committee
  • Enterprise & Utility Oversight Committee
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Liaison - Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB)

  • Alternate Liaison -Federation of Community Councils

Amy graduated from Chugiak High School in 1994 and went on to earn Bachelor's degrees in Justice and History from UAA, as well as, an MBA with an emphasis in Finance,from Columbia Southern University.  Amy and her husband, Ben have two children; their daughter, Kennedy, is a 2014 graduate of Chugiak High School and son, Riley, is a freshman at Chugiak High.

Amy has worked for many years in the healthcare industry with a focus on business development and management.  Amy was formerly the President of the Chugiak Community Council, the Chair of the Municipal Budget Advisory Commission, the Mayor's appointment to the Chugiak-Eagle River Parks & Recreation Board of Supervisors, and she currently serves on the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct, as well as, being an active member of the Sleeping Lady Lions Club.

Term expires in 2019.

District 3 - West Anchorage

Eric Croft

Phone: (907)
Voicemail: (907) 343-
FAX: (907)

  • Enterprise & Utility Oversight Committee
  • Ethics & Elections Committee
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Liaison - Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC)

Eric Croft was born in Spenard in 1964 during the difficult days before Anchorage had local tater tots, gourmet pizza, or fresh beer.  He attended Chugach Elementary School, and West Anchorage High School.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1987 and a Juris Doctorate from Hastings College of the Law in 1992.  He had the honor of clerking for both Judge James Fitzgerald and Justice Allen Compton.

Eric represented West Anchorage in the Alaska Legislature from 1996-2006, primarily as a member of the House Finance Committee.  He wrote and sponsored a number of laws with a particular emphasis on improving public safety.  He also wrote and gathered the signatures for citizen initiatives to fill U.S. Senate vacancies by public vote and to restore campaign finance contribution limits, also both passing by large margins.

Eric has founded and run a small business and also served as a Municipal Prosecutor.  From 2013-2016, he served on the Anchorage School Board with one term as the President.  He also served on the Board of Directors of STAR and the Alaska Blood Bank.

Eric has been married to the wise and wonderful Joanna since 1994.  They have two children: Shannon, a freshman at Vassar and a big Hamilton fan and Burke, a sophomore at West High School and a rare, combined viola/hockey expert.

In his spare time, Eric enjoys swearing at his outboard engines, reading history, and trying to get deer within his (very limited) bow range.

Term expires 2019.

Tim Steele

Phone: (907) 277-7663 

Voicemail: (907) 277-7663
FAX: (907) 343-4313

  • Chair - Enterprise & Utility Oversight Committee

Tim Steele has lived in West Anchorage since 1986 with his wife Diedra (now deceased) and his daughters Katelyn and Andie both West High School graduates.

As a Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army, Tim served two tours in Vietnam.  After earning a Bachelor's degree in Business and a Master's degree in Environmental Management, Tim went on to work as a Senior Urban/Regional Planner, a General Building Contractor, and a Real Estate Broker.

Tim returned to Uniformed Service in 1980 and moved to Alaska in 1986.  Tim retired from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps as a Lieutenant Commander in 1998.

Tim's public service in Alaska includes the Anchorage Board of Equalization, Elmendorf's Environmental Restoration Advisory Board, and nine years on the Anchorage School Board.  While on the School Board, Tim held the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Chair of the Policy, Legislative, and Audit Committees.  Statewide School Board members also elected Tim to three terms (six years) on the Executive Board of the Association of Alaska School Boards.

Tim was elected to represent West Anchorage on the Assembly for a partial term in 2013 and again to a full three-year term in 2014.  Tim's current Committee assignments include Chair of the Enterprise Committee and member of the Budget and Finance Committee - Committee of the Whole.

Tim believes Assembly members should work together cooperatively, effectively, and wisely to do the peoples’ business.

Term expires 2017.

District 4 - Midtown

Dick Traini

Phone: (907) 250-6832
Voicemail: (907) 343-4117
FAX: (907) 343-4313

  • Vice-Chair - Assembly

  • Chair - Rules Committee

  • Chair - Personnel Committee

  • Legislative Committee

  • Public Safety Committee

  • Ethics & Elections Committee

  • Enterprise & Utility Oversight Committee

  • Community & Economic Development Committee

  • Let's Move! Program Task Force

  • Liaison - Military & Veterans Affairs

  • Liaison - Federation of Community Councils

  • Alternate Liaison - Alaska Municipal League (AML)

  • Alternate Liaison - National League of Cities (NLC)

  • Alternate Liaison - UAA/APU

Dick Traini and wife, Sandy moved to Anchorage 43 years ago and he continued his active service duty here for the U.S. Air Force until 1992.  They found a great place to live in the Campbell Park area and became very involved in the community.  Dick served as Campbell Park Community Council President for eight years.

After becoming a father, Dick knew that he was going to be responsible for making Anchorage a better place to live for his children.  He decided to run for election to the Assembly representing the Midtown district and was elected, for the first time, in 1991.  That same year, he received his Bachelor's degree in Political Science at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Dick was chosen to serve as Chair of the Assembly several times beginning in December 1993 through May 1995.  He filled this leadership role more than any other Assembly member, serving again from April 2001 to April 2005 and April 2010 to April 2011; working with six mayors and nearly 35 Assembly members.  During his tenure as an elected official, he also earned a Master's degree in Public Administration and a Professional Planner Certification in Urban Planning.

In 2006, he became the first representative from Alaska to serve on the National League of Cities (NLC) Board of Directors, the oldest resource and advocacy organization for cities within the United States.  He currently serves on NLC's Advisory Council.

Often he is referred to as the "Assembly Grampa" because he is always glad to "share his recommendations" based on his years of Assembly experience.  Dick has a huge list of accomplishments.  He currently serves as Chair of the Rules Committee, a member of the Legislative, Public Saftey, Ethics and Election, Enterprise Oversight, and Community Council committees; an alternate for the Alaska Municipal League and the National League of Cities; and the liaison for Military/Veteran Groups and University of Alaska Anchorage/Alaska Pacific University.

Whenever he has a break from his job as an Assembly Member working for and with his constituents, Dick enjoys spending time with his family, especially "spoiling" his 18 grandchildren!

Term expires in 2019.

Elvi Gray-Jackson

Voice Mail: (907) 343-4118
FAX: (907) 343-4313

  • Chair - Assembly

  • Chair - Budget/ Finance Committee

  • Municipal Audit Committee

  • Rules Committee

  • Let's Move! Program Task Force

  • Liaison - National League of Cities (NLC) 

  • Alternate Liaison - Alaska Municipal League (AML)

Elvi Gray-Jackson began her public service career with the Municipality of Anchorage at the Public Transit Department 33 years ago. In 1988, she began working for the Anchorage Assembly; first as an Administrative Assistant, then as Senior Budget Analyst and finally, as Director of the Budget and Legislative Services Office. In 2005, Elvi worked for Municipal Light and Power as Director of the Alaska Railbelt Energy Authority; a joint action agency with three electric utility members.  In 2006, Elvi served as Vice-Chair of the Municipality’s Cooperative Services Authority, and as Chair in 2007, and resigned in 2008 after her election to the Anchorage Assembly. She also served on the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Club and the Woodside East Homeowners Association.  As an Assembly Member she serves on the National League of Cities (NLC) Board of Directors, the NLC Finance Committee, and the Investment Advisory Committee. Elvi served as Vice-Chair of the Assembly beginning in December of 2014 and was chosen to serve as Chair in 2016.

A few of the non-profit organizations she actively supports include the NAACP, AWAIC, Project Access, Identity, Inc., Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the ARC of Anchorage. Elvi is a graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage and has one son, Ramon.

Term expires in 2017.

District 5 - East Anchorage

Forrest Dunbar

Phone: (907)
Voicemail: (907) 343-4119
FAX: (907) 343-4313

  • Enterprise & Utility Oversight Committee
  • Ethics & Elections Committee
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Liaison - Anchorage Chamber of Commerce
  • Liaison – UAA/APU

Forrest Dunbar grew up in rural Alaska in the towns of Eagle and Cordova. His parents, Miriam and Roger, continue to live in Cordova, while his sister lives in Portland with her wife. After attending American University on scholarship, Forrest earned a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School and a J.D. from Yale Law School. He moved back to Anchorage during the summers while in law school and passed the Alaska Bar Exam in 2012. Forrest currently serves as a judge advocate and Captain in the Alaska Army National Guard, where he played a significant role in drafting the Alaska Code of Military Justice. Prior to his election to the Assembly, Forrest served as the Vice President of Scenic Foothills Community Council and helped found the Muldoon Farmers Market. He is a member of Congregation Beth Sholom, but does not have the self-discipline to keep kosher.

Term expires in 2019.

Pete Petersen

Phone: (907) 240-1049
FAX: (907) 343-4313 Email:

  • Chair - Ethics & Elections Committee

  • Co-Chair - Legislative Committee

  • Community and Economic Development Committee

  • AMATS Committee

  • Alternate Liaison - Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB)

  • Ex Officio - Anchorage Community Development Authority (ACDA)

Pete Petersen was born and raised on a family farm in Eastern Iowa.  Pete received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Iowa in 1973 and after graduating, he volunteered for the Peace Corps.  While serving in the Peace Corps from 1973-74, Pete worked with small farmers and 4-H clubs in the Dominican Republic.  He also founded, played, and coached a rugby team that went on to win the Dominican National Championship.

Intending to stay for the summer, Pete drove up the Alcan Highway to Alaska in April of 1981.  He immediately recognized many opportunities here in Anchorage and decided to stay.  In 1986, Pete opened and successfully operated his own restaurant business, Dinner Dispatch, until selling it in 2001.  Pete first volunteered as a Little League coach and team manager for Nunaka Valley during that same year.  He has continued to be involved with Nunaka Valley Little League and just completed baseball season as a coach again this summer. 

From 2009-2013, Pete served two terms in the Alaska State House representing Muldoon and East Anchorage.  He served on the House Transportation, State Affairs, and Energy Committees, as well as, several other budget sub-committees. 

Pete's hobbies include playing guitar and singing, golfing, traveling, and playing fantasy baseball and football.

Term expires in 2017.

District 6 - South Anchorage

Bill Evans

Phone: (907) 250-5490
Work: (907) 375-7413
FAX: (907) 677-3605

  • Chair - Committee on Homelessness

  • Chair - Public Safety Committee

  • Personnel Committee

  • Rules Committee

  • Member/AML Director - Alaska Municipal League (AML)

  • Alternate Liaison - Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC)
  • Alternate Liaison - Anchorage Chamber of Commerce
  • Alternate Liaison - Military & Veterans Affairs
  • Ex Officio -Anchorage Community Development Authority (ACDA)

Bill Evans was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  After serving in the military as a paratrooper, Bill worked as a police officer while attending Cleveland State University.  He graduated from CSU in 1988 with a Bachelor's degree in History and Political Science. After graduation, he left the police department and moved to Michigan where he received his Juris Doctorate at the University of Michigan Law School in 1992.

Bill moved to Anchorage with his wife, Melinda and their three children, Carson, Dylan, and Jackson in 1998.  Bill has a very active law practice representing private sector companies with their employment and labor relations needs.  He has been recognized in "Best Lawyers" and "Super Lawyers" in the area of management-side labor law.  He very much values his membership in what he considers to be the best law firm whose motto is " We take the law seriously, not ourselves." 

Bill has been a long-time member of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and served twice as Chair.  Although he has yet to discover any useful purpose for it,  nevertheless, Bill is proud of his encyclopedic knowledge of Indy 500 winners.

Term expires in 2017.

John Weddleton

Phone Home: (907) 770-0685

Cell: (907) 205-8345


FAX: (907) 343-4313


  • Chair – Community & Economic Development Committee
  • Alternate Member - AMATS Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Alternate Liaison – Alaska Municipal League (AML)

John Weddleton moved to Anchorage in 1987 after a life of traveling across the country and world including several years in Istanbul, Lugano and Fairbanks.

John started his professional career as an economic consultant. He now owns a retail business with two locations and a couple of commercial properties.

John went to a Community Council meeting in 1997, and then things got out of hand. He was Chair of the Mid-Hillside Community Council, Chair of the Hillside Home And Land Owner's Organization and on the Board of the Abbott Loop Community Council.  His community involvement includes numerous citizen advisory groups on matters including School District budgets, transportation studies, trail planning, park plans, utility routing, and the Hillside District Plan.  He was President of the Anchorage Citizens Coalition and served on the Planning and Zoning Commission. He is an inaugural member of the AMATS Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. John co-founded the Spenard Chamber of Commerce and is a long-time member of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce’s Municipal Issues Committee and was a board member at Credit Union 1.

John's two children, Kate and Ry, have patiently allowed him time for these activities.

John has a Masters in Economics from University of Alaska, Fairbanks 1986 and a B.A. in Political Science from Tulane University 1980.

Term expires in 2019.