Filing an Ethics Complaint for Potential Violation

Who can file an ethics complaint for potential violation?

Any adult resident of the Municipality may file an ethics complaint with the Board of Ethics alleging violation of a matter within the jurisdiction of the Board by a municipal public servant which includes employees, board members, and elected officials.

How do I file an ethics complaint?

Ethics complaints must be in writing on the form prescribed by the Municipal Clerk.  This form can be obtained on the Board of Ethics Webpage.  The complainant must identify the section of the Code of Ethics alleged to have been violated and substantiate the complaint by providing a written explanation of the reason for believing that a violation has occurred with any documentary and testimonial evidence supporting the allegation. 

Where do I file my ethics complaint?

Your ethics complaint must be filed with the Municipal Clerk's Office.  The Municipal Clerk will make the complaint available to the Board of Ethics at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

Is my ethics complaint confidential?

The fact that an ethics complaint has been filed and the content of the complaint are confidential.  Material breach of confidentiality by the complainant is a violation of the Code of Ethics.  If the Board finds that confidentiality has been breached, the Board may dismiss the complaint.

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