Requesting an Advisory Opinion

Who can request an advisory opinion?

To request written advice from the Board of Ethics regarding the applicability and interpretation of the Code of Ethics related to actions, rights, or conflict personal to the requestor, you must be one of the following:

Current, Former, or Potential . . . 

  • Municipal Employee
  • Appointed or Elected Member of a Municipal Authority, Board, or Commission 
  • Elected Official
  • Municipal Clerk
  • Municipal Ombudsman
  • Municipal Attorney 

How do I file a request for an Advisory Opinion?

Requests for advisory opinion must be in writing on the form prescribed by the Municipal Clerk.  This form can be obtained on the Board of Ethics Webpage. 

Where do I file my request?

The Request for an Advisory Opinion must be filed with the Municipal Clerk's Office.  The Municipal Clerk will make the request available to the Board of Ethics at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

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