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Non-Commercial Solicitor License

On September 9, 2014, the Anchorage Assembly passed and approved AO 2014-110(S), an ordinance of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly repealing Anchorage Municipal Code Chapter 10.35, Solicitation, and amending Section 14.60.030 to delete associated fines.

It will no longer be necessary for  persons or organizations that solicit funds from the general public for religious, charitable, or educational purposes to file an application with the Municipal Clerk's Office for a Non-Commercial Solicitor License.

The Municipal Clerk's Office will no longer be accepting applications for this license.
    • Licensing
    • Municipal Clerk: Barbara A. Jones
    • 632 West 6th Avenue, Ste. 250 Anchorage, Ak 99501
    • 907-343-4316