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Anchorage Votes and Vote by Mail:

The Municipality of Anchorage is exploring a Vote by Mail election system, supplemented by accessible voting centers, to simplify and streamline the election process for Anchorage. The goals of a Vote by Mail option are to increase voter turnout, maximize voter protection, and safeguard community resources. Vote by Mail Elections.

 Vote By Mail Elections:

  • Keep regular voters engaged.
  • Encourage new voter participation.
  • Stop attempts at fraud using signature verification.
  • Use technology to inform voters about the status of their ballot.
  • Confer no partisan advantage.
  • Centralize and streamline election administration.
  • Increase transparency in the election process.
  • Protect voters’ rights to secret ballot.

On December 8, 2015, the Anchorage Assembly passed AR 2015-314(S) directing the Clerk's Office to explore implementing a Vote by Mail election procces beginning with the April 2018 Regular Election.

Executive Steering Committee:

Ernie Hall

Elvi Gray-Jackson, Assembly Member

Dick Traini, Assembly Member