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Filing for Office - Updates Coming Soon!

Filing for office opens in January and closes in February.

Candidates for Municipal office must be …

  • a resident of the Municipality of Anchorage, and
  • a qualified voter of the Municipality of Anchorage and the State of Alaska,
  • among other specific qualifications.

FILING PACKETS - Coming Soon! for …

Candidates for Anchorage Assembly Seats

Candidates for Anchorage School Board Seats

Candidates for Boards of Supervisors, including LRSA Seats

A Message to LRSA Write-ins:

AMC 28.30.020 - Qualifications of candidates for service area board of supervisors; declaration of candidacy required.

***    ***    ***    

B. - A person who has not filed a declaration of candidacy for a seat on a service area board of supervisors, including as a write-in candidate, in accordance with this section, is disqualified.

C. - For write-in candidates a seat on a service area board of supervisors, declarations of candidacy shall be filed with the municipal clerk no earlier than 67 days and at least 5 days before a regular election, and no earlier than 35 days and at least 5 days before a special election.


REQUIREMENTS for candidate filing …

There are very specific steps you must take in order to appear on the Regular Municipal Election ballot as a candidate for office. (Detailed instructions for filing for office, information regarding candidacy requirements, and the forms for declaration are included in the filing packets available above.)



Please contact the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) directly by calling (907) 276-4176 with any questions regarding the below State requirements.

1. Public Official Financial Disclosure (POFD) Statement

All candidates, except candidates for service area boards, must file a POFD Statement online at https://my.alaska.gov/.

After you have completed your POFD Statement, the form must be printed, signed, and included with your Municipal filing packet.

2. Candidate Registration Statement or Municipal Exemption Statement

Within seven days of filing a declaration of candidacy for Municipal office, candidates must file either a Candidate Registration Statement or a Municipal Exemption Statement online at https://my.alaska.gov/.

Candidate Registration Statement - Must be filed by candidates who will have more than $5,000 in campaign financial activity. Additionally, the candidate is required to file campaign disclosure reports to disclose all campaign financial activity throughout the course of the election.

Municipal Exemption Statement - Must be filed by candidates intending to raise and spend less than $5,000 on campaign activity. In this case, the candidate is exempted from filing campaign disclosure reports.

3. Letter of Intent

In order to start campaigning and raising funds for an election, candidates must file a Letter of Intent online at https://my.alaska.gov/.

For all State of Alaska filing requirements, you may access online filing by logging into your MyAlaska account. If you already have a username and password established for filing your Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) application, you may use the same log-in information for access to candidate disclosure filing. (Otherwise, please visit https://my.alaska.gov/ to register for a MyAlaska account.) After logging into your MyAlaska account, you may access online filing by selecting APOC - Disclosure Forms under Services for Individuals.  



  • Access and print a filing packet (above) for the office for which you would like to declare candidacy.
  • File your Declaration of Candidacy along with your POFD Statement with the Municipal Clerk's Office. The last day to file for office is on Friday, February 1, 2019 by 5:00 p.m.

You may file your Declaration of Candidacy and POFD Statement with the Municipal Clerk's Office at either of the following locations:

  • MOA Election Center - 619 E Ship Creek Drive, Suite 100, Door D Entrance
  • Municipal Clerk's Office - City Hall, 632 W 6th Avenue, Suite 250



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Filing for Office

Candidates for Assembly

Candidate names will appear in a random, non-sequential order on the ballot.

District 1 - Seat B - Downtown Anchorage:

District 2 - Seat C - Eagle River/Chugiak:  

District 3 - Seat E - West Anchorage:

District 4 - Seat G - Midtown Anchorage:

District 5 - Seat I - East Anchorage:

District 6 - Seat K - South Anchorage:

Candidates for School Board

School Board Seat C:

School Board Seat D:

Candidates for Service Area Board of Supervisors, including LRSA Seats